Vostok-Europe watches represent an unprecedented alliance of Eastern European and Russian timekeeping. By combining the watch-producing team in Vilnius, Lithuania with the largest Russian watch manufacturer Vostok the result is a unique fusion of tradition, innovation and cost-effective style…

In August of 2003 an agreement was reached between the Vilnius Koliz company and the Chystopol Watch Factory Vostok on the establishment of the joint company Koliz Vostok. The goal of the new company was the creation of a new watch series that would have both the modern design and quality. Thus, the new watch brand Vostok-Europe was created.

By the year 2007 the number of countries where Vostok-Europe watches are being sold has risen to 30.

The cooperation established in 2009 between Vostok-Europe and the Swiss company mbmicrotec has laid the foundation for the new collection of watches with tritium tubes. The result of this cooperation was the release of the ”Ekranoplan” watches – the first Vostok-Europe model with tritium illumination.

The ”Anchar” watches were released in 2010 and were the first VE watches for divers with both tritium tubes and water resistance up to 300 meters. The watches were equipped with movements from the Japanese firm SII.

In 2011 the slogan of the firm becomes “For Going to Extremes”. Moreover, during the same year Vostok-Europe watches become the official watches of the Free-Diving World Championship, the Greek Institute of Marine archeology, the auto-rally competition in Romania and the Enduro Rally in Lithuania. Lastly, world Muay Thai Champion Vadimir Moravcik (Slovakia) becomes a Vostok-Europe ambassador.

E regularly makes special editions of watches to NATO Army: for Underwater Demolition Units, for pilots of F-16 fighters and Apache helicopters, Submariners, Risky Swimmers and many other troops.


We develop series of watches associated with the important dates and events in the world history. The edition is limited — each collection includes a limited number of items. All our watches have the individual serial number on their back covers.

The denissov watches conform to the european quality standards. They are made of wear-resistant materials, the bracelets and straps are comfortable and many models have anti-shock watch movement and improved water resistance. All the watches are supplied with genuine leather straps and their cases are made of high quality steel which in combination with a sapphire glass and stylish watch box makes them a perfect gift for any occasion. Denissov watches are excellent collection watches available for many connaisseurs.


DENISSOV watches style is – polished steel coatings combined with grinded genuine leather and rubber elements.Harmonious colour composition, laconic
and unique design – all this makes the style of the DENISSOV watches unique.


The design of our watches was developed by a group of experts that includes: marketing experts, concept designers and engineers.
They were inspired by the desire to create unique and recognizable style, distinguished DENISSOV brand. We don’t copy existing models of other companies,we create the design of our watches from “zero”.


It is not a coincidence that the brand Aviator was created in Russia, a country, which historically is renowned for its aviation feats and courageous pilots.

The Brand’s mission is to build exceptional watches that not only serve exceptionally, those who conquer the skies, but all those who support them from the ground.

Since the year 2000, Aviator has provided watches to people of the most extreme professions, such as military, rescuers and pilots, as well as to watch and aviation lovers, building its excellent reputation for more than a decade in Europe, America and Asia. Starting from 2006 Aviator has been the official timekeeper of the Russian aerobatic team “Swifts”, pilots of which fly the legendary MIG-29 fighters.

Since 2011 Aviator watches have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland’s Canton of Jura – home of the watchmaking industry.

This location facilitates collaboration with the highest quality suppliers enabling us to pursue our philosophy: to build reliable watches meeting the rigorous standards of time instruments, whilst combining original aviation designs.

In the cultural heart of the Jura, in the town of Porrentruy, our manufacture brings together all the brand’s watchmaking operations, including research and development, movement modification, assembly of components, and rigorous multi-level quality tests. Every Aviator watch combines the professional skills and experience of watchmakers, with the sincere passion for aviation and the art of timepieces.


In the West, it took 200 years to develop a successful watchmaking industry. Driven by a passion for innovation and craftsmanship, Russia’s love for accuracy within the world of exploration was key to building an entire industry from the ground up at the lightening-fast speeds. In merely forty years, Russia successfully built an entire watchmaking industry.

Since the very first Sturmanskie watch was introduced to this day, each model has been designed and manufactured in Moscow, only minutes away from the Kremlin. Our team is comprised of the top watchmakers, designers, technologists and engineers with the vast experience in watchmaking. Each model is careful designed, thought out and hand made. It is through this handcrafting that we can assemble the highest quality of watches that showcase exceptional durability and an exclusivity valued by professionals.


Each collection of “Sturmanskie” watches displays the era of the development of Soviet and Russian cosmonautics.

The “Heritage” collection shows the era of space exploration, the first space flight and the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite

In turn, a collection of “Gagarin” once again reminds everyone about the World’s first cosmonaut, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, who made the first manned space flight with the watch “Sturmanskie”, which withstood severe tests under conditions of zero gravity, strong accelerations, vibrations and temperatures

The collection “Pioneers of Space” is dedicated to the first cosmonaut who made the first group space flight.

The “Open Space” collection is dedicated to the first spacewalk by Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, which he has done with the “Sturmanskie” watch making them the first in the history of mankind watch ever worn in open space and demonstrated the excellent work of all mechanisms in new extreme conditions.


At all time Russian watches were very popular in the whole world. Foreign connoisseurs of Russian watches rated highly their functionality, movement and design. And it is not a surprise because the traditions of Russian quality go back to the times of Cathrine II. At that time were opened first watch factory in St. Petersburg.
The ascent of the watch branch has begun in the Soviet period. At the time ca.20 watch factories produced famous Russian watches.

Nowadays occurs the Renaissance in the Russian watch industry, carries on in quest of new ideals of functionality, develop new design lines. And as a result Russian watches assume the reputation of the accurate movement with nice design.

Russian company “CLASSIC RUSSIAN WATCH” was founded in 1996 and for a long time was a distibutor of “Poljot” watches in Europe.

Selling the watches to European countries, General Director Darek Sawicki, has studied watch tastes of all nations and did good understand what people like. Being an excellent designer and possessing bright and orginal ideas, he decide to produce the watches independently. Thus in 2002 was born new brand name “Moscow Classic”.
Thanks to top-level professionalism of the staff our company has produced the collection of the first-class watches for such short time perdiod. The whole collection has more that 100 models. There are classic models encrusted with Swarovsky stones, as also water-proof and stylish diver watches. And our pride from military collection the real “Aeronavigator”, which continue the glory of tradition of Komandirskie watches of “iron curtain” time.
The company “Classic Russian Watch” proved itself to be a manufacturer of the high-class watches and became recognition of the customers all around the world.

Moscow Classic’s are your watches, your style and your accuracy.